“This wasn’t just a renovation- this was a journey from an original concept involving a laundry with a dog shower to creating an incredibly beautiful and peaceful space that really upgraded our daily living experience!This is what Cozette can do. We couldn’t have envisioned any of these spaces whatsoever, nor could we have accomplished the project (especially through the pandemic) without Cozette. When we embarked on renovating our entire first floor, I knew that Cozette could help us find the right balance of harmony in the space and the simple elegance we desired. She gets us. You have to trust the process- you can definitely trust in Cozette’s design abilities. She presented outstanding choices at each decision point – pet-friendly, quality materials, and colors and textures that were always on point for our home. She’s a good listener and always heard my point of view. I’m so happy we chose Cozette to work with and will do it again. The end result is not just perfect for us, it’s stunning!”



“Cozette Brown worked with me to update and refresh my New York City apartment which acts as a pied-a-terre for my husband and myself.  She understood our desire to brighten and update a large one-bedroom, without replacing older pieces that still worked or addressing spaces that needed less attention.

Her advice was excellent:  she stayed within a reasonable but flexible budget while offering me options that were sensible but that would last for the next ten years, if not more. Where I was on the fence, she encouraged me without pressuring me.  Most importantly, she was efficient, always available to me in a timely fashion, and worked within constraints that come with not being able to be on the scene all the time.  We repainted, replaced wallpaper, bought new lamps, added a new LED track lighting system to existing footprints, purchased two new chairs and pillows that altered the color focus, utilizing the best features that already existed.

I was so happy with her services that when we had a leak in our New Jersey home, I asked her if she would help me with replacing the ruined furniture and window treatment.  While it was not a big job, addressing only a small study, she was assiduous in her attention to the project, using Face Time to help me choose new fabrics, to deal with the refurnishing shop we had chosen nearby, and to drive out to our home to make final decisions.  Her fee structure was always fair, again offering me options that most designers/decorators I’ve utilized in the past would not have offered.

Most importantly, Cozette was a joy to work with.  She made a chore seem like a pleasure in more ways than one.  I consider it a great asset to have a go-to designer who I know will be available and professional and lower the temperature of such activities that can often be aggravating and frustrating.”


We engaged Cozette Brown as an interior designer to help us redo a 50-year-old bathroom.

We had been talking about updating it for years, but the project didn’t get going until Cozette got involved.

She is more than a designer, she is a motivator and she helped us get the bathroom we wanted.

It was fun watching her doing the checklist with our installer, making sure everything was ready before demolition.
As a result, the project completed in two weeks and two days!

We highly recommend hiring Cozette even if you are sure you know what you want.

Alan F.

I’m so happy, we decided to pick up the phone and call Cozette when starting our renovation project.  Cozettte was wonderful during the process and guided us every step of the way.

Our project included refinishing our basement and updating a family room and entryway staircase.  Cozette helped us build rooms we love by really making the effort to understand what we were looking for and getting them within our budget. 

We felt confident in proceeding with the contractors she recommended and we have no regrets. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Cozettte to my friends and family. 

Elena B.

She’s the best!

We highly recommend Cozette.  She lives up to her principals of service, quality, and a design for daily life…… especially during a pandemic when we are at home so much of the time.

I first met Cozette when she staged our home for selling and I knew right away that I would be calling her back to help with downsizing and a “new look” for our townhouse.  Her ideas inspired me to think outside my traditional decorating style, giving me a new perspective and keeping me on track.

Cozette is very professional and easy to work with.  We were comfortable letting her handle all the details, coordinating of subcontractors, setting appointments, following up, scheduling, re-scheduling-all difficult during this time. She measured, re-measures and hung art work, decorated   repurposing and reusing.  Wallpaper, paint fabrics, hardware were selected by us with Cozette’s help.  Her subs are very professional, courteous, clean, and timely!

Big thanks to Jerry Koenig painting, Steve Draperies, Palisade Furniture, Kaperlian Carpet, and James Jefferies Wallpapering

Barbara P.

I’m writing this testimonial to share the wonderful experience I had working with Cozette Brown .. I first met Cozette when my realtor brought her in to stage my home that I was selling …. My first meeting with her put me at ease knowing I had met a true professional with a sunshine personality .. Her suggestions and plans to get my house ready truly was the reason my house sold in 1 week … When I bought my townhouse I realized how I needed her help to get my townhouse move in ready… She worked with a great team to help turn my townhouse into a lovely home … She chose paint colors, shopped for light fixtures, tile, rugs and fixtures for a new powder room…She was here when my furniture was delivered …worked with the plumber, painter and tile guy to make sure all went smoothly … Cozette worked so hard to make my home a gorgeous calm haven that I am so greatful to live in ..not only is she a talented designer, she is a lovely , fun, and great new friend ! It was the best decision I made in having Cozette to work with to make my new house my new home.

Lisa H.

As I embarked on the second phase of renovation for my 70+ year old colonial, I remembered thinking how much a decorator would have helped me with my initial efforts.  My friend recommended Cozette.  Her exquisite taste, visionary mindset and collaborative nature were a blessing!  She guided me through construction and decoration from paint to furniture to décor.  Her ability to seamlessly blend the divergent tastes between my husband and I, was nothing short of amazing.   I now have beautiful rooms to enjoy while staying safely at home.  Thank you Cozette!

Jen M.

“I wanted to text you because as I am on day 10 of 14 lying on the couch with my leg elevated basically passing time I feel beyond thankful for the setting that I get to recover in. I can’t tell you how much I love love love what you did for my house. I’ve had some trying times emotionally through this and I swear the energy and the comfy happy feel of my surroundings had completely kept my spirits up.

Everything about the space, lying on this amazing couch, the light, colors and feel. You really have a gift. With business of moving and life I’m not sure I ever would have had the extended amount of time to just lie here and appreciate the point of it all”. 

Danielle B. 


Fourteen months ago, my husband and I purchased a foreclosed property that needed 100% total renovation.  There were only two things that were certain back then; 1) it was going to be a lot of hard work, and 2) we needed help.

While my husband began focusing on demolition, framing, plumbing, heating etc., I was tasked with finding an interior designer.  I found Cozette Brown Interior Design through a neighborhood facebook page. She came highly recommended by many, so I reached out to her.   Having never worked with an interior designer before, I did not know what to expect. Cozette was extemely pleasant and easy to talk to, and she explained my options for how we could go about working on the project together.

Since we were beginning with a completely blank slate, I was overwhelmed by the design possibilities, and the fact that I honestly didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted.  All I knew for certain was that I wanted a fresh new look for this next chapter in our lives, so I decided to put my trust in Cozette and relinquish control.

We began the process of figuring out together things that I liked, things that I absolutely hated, and things that were outside of my comfort zone…which Cozette encouraged me to open my mind to and take some chances.  She deftly guided me throughout the process, priortizing the order in which things needed to be decided upon, and then methodically tackling each task.

Once we had a basic, general idea of what I wanted the feel of the house to be, Cozette began the work of creating each room….Kitchen cabinets, countertops, hardware.  Flooring, tile, fireplace built-in design, lighting, wood trim, stair rails, stain and paint colors, fabrics, furniture, window treatments, decor…the list goes on and on.  She would compile samples for me and presented them in a way that helped me to visualize the final products, even though I was only able to see bits and pieces. She did all of the legwork… putting together options while I was at work and saving me countless hours and unimaginable frustration.  She was respectful of my decisions, and always took the time to explain to me why something would (or wouldn’t) work in a particular space. And she was always right.

Cozette took meticulous care in looking at the smallest details of every item to make sure that all of the things we were purchasing would work together cohesively and beautifully.    She was always professional, punctual, responsive, and a true pleasure to work with. She was with me throughout a year-long construction process that was very often exhausting, difficult and frustrating, but she was always a positive force even on the worst days.  For that I cannot thank her enough.

My words really cannot describe how valuable Cozette was to us, and how much effort she put into this project.   We now live in a stunning home that we never could have imagined on our own, and we are thankful every day for the beauty that surrounds us.   While it was difficult for me to put all of my trust in someone else for such an important undertaking, it was the very best decision I ever made.  I would recommend Cozette, without hesitation, to anyone with an interior design project, large or small. She’s priceless.

Patti H.


When I decided to redo my home, I knew I’d need a lot of help.  I’m not good with color (my color scheme ranged from beige to grey), I hated the carpet and blinds that I hadn’t replaced since I bought the house, there were built in shelves next to the fireplace that were nothing but dust collectors, and I couldn’t find the perfect chair to replace my 20 year old leather chair. Thankfully I found Cozette!

In our first meeting, we looked at the pieces of furniture I wanted to keep and discussed what I liked about them.  I also told her that I didn’t want to choose from dozens of options and asked her to narrow down my choices. She really paid attention to my style and started sending me pictures of other pieces I might like and, I have to say, she was right on the nose with her suggestions. And she (very patiently) whittled my choices down to two or three for each piece, fabric or color, making my decisions much easier!

The work in my house included a lot of carpentry, painting, some electrical work, window treatments, carpeting and furniture and Cozette worked with the contractors seamlessly so that I didn’t have to worry about coordinating each aspect of the job. And each of these contractors was a skilled professional who provided me with budget and time estimates that they met.

Cozette took me through every step, from choosing a new stair railing to hanging pictures, and after two weeks, my house looks and feels new! Most importantly, she helped me find my own taste and style so the house doesn’t feel like it’s been “decorated”. It just feels like home.

Pam R.


Never having worked with an interior designer before, I was a bit apprehensive about hiring one.  My husband and I had recently relocated to New Jersey from Florida and left most of our belongings in our home there.  We purchased a 3000 square foot condo in northern New Jersey and really didn’t know where to begin furnishing and decorating it.  My sister suggested I visit the website of the American Society of Interior Designers and look at a few portfolios to get ideas. 

When I saw Cozette Brown’s portfolio and went to her website, I was intrigued by what I saw.  Her designs were simple yet compelling, able to showcase her client’s existing furnishings and artwork while adding new pieces which gave the space an entirely different feel.  Having such a large area to decorate, we were very concerned about keeping the job within our budget, but decided to meet with Cozette in person to discuss our project.

She was so easy to talk to and listened to our needs, getting a great sense of how we live in our home.  She clearly explained her work methods and pricing policies so we had a full understanding of how the process would work.  After speaking with a few other designers, we decided to hire Cozette and are so glad we did.

Our home is more beautiful than we ever could have imagined!  She worked within our budget and created a space which perfectly reflects our taste and our lifestyle.  Every vendor Cozette recommended was as talented and professional as she is.  The painter, drapery maker, furniture dealer and rug dealer were all fantastic and each of them, working under Cozette’s guidance, produced an amazing result. 

Cozette is not only a talented designer, she is also an excellent administrator, staying on top of each and every detail of the project, always communicating with the client and making sure all deadlines are met by each vendor.  She immediately returns phone calls and emails and is proactive in coordinating deliveries and installations.   As a client, I never had to worry about anything from the beginning of the project to the end. 

In this era of vendors who regularly over promise and then under deliver and consumers who are routinely faced with paying more and getting less,   Cozette Brown is truly a breath of fresh air.   Although we were apprehensive about using a designer at the beginning of our project, by the time it was completed, we felt that we were saying goodbye to a trusted friend and are absolutely certain that no one could have made our home more beautiful and comfortable than Cozette Brown.              

Ann F.


“I am happy to tell you about the work Cozette did for our family. She did the entire design and delivery for our master bedroom.

Construction – We needed to replace the paneling with sheet rock. Cozette recommended quality custom molding, paint colors and worked with the contractor flawlessly. Painting – Cozette recommended a fantastic painter, who was on time, on scope and on budget.

Furniture – Acquired high quality furniture at the right price.

Design – She was always available to discuss and execute. Cozette designed living space as well as arrangement of family photos consistent with the room and the artwork. This perhaps was the highest value of her efforts aside from what I previously mentioned.

Pictures – Cozette helped us select a classic print from a great artist to focus the entire design.”

Fred S.


The finished product is beautiful. Thought is put into every decision. The furniture, lighting fixtures ,fabrics, colors, rugs and accents pieces are carefully thought out to coordinate with the design concept. It makes you want to redecorate every room.

She is cost conscious, without compromising on design.

I have completed 2 rooms and a foyer and I love them.

Karla S.


Working with Cozette was so easy! She has the best ability to really know what her client is looking for. I struggled to put finishing touches to what I currently was living with. Cozette designed my rooms, utilizing some of my own furniture and artwork. She really knows how to warm up a space by using the right colors and fabrics. Her help with my window treatments was fabulous. She completed the rooms so well, the fabric choices were perfect! Her talent in design is great, but her personality and ease is what really made it such a great experience.

Colleen O.


Being in the furnishing business for over 30 years, working with Cozette is a pleasure. She has a great eye for design and color and always is able to work within the requirements of her clients as well as budget. I highly recommend her services.

Mike Kaplan,  Palisade Furniture